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The ability for classes to provide different implementation of methods that are called by the same name. Polymorphism allows a method of a class to be called without regard to what specific implementation it provides


Rhino Mocks

Rhino Mocks – Starter Guide


Rhino mocks enables the user to replace code dependencies that the code under test interacts with and depends on. By using Rhino Mocks you are able to control (or at least pre-define) the outputs and responses sent back from the code under test.

Unit Tests shouldn’t be dependent on anything other than what is available to the test in system memory. So any test that interacts with a db, file system or azure storage isn’t a true Unit Test. What Rhino Mocks allows you to do is to pretend you’ve got a file system, db etc… you can interact with it but its contained within the system memory.

The reason you want to be able to work like this way, is so that if you pass a test over to someone else, they don’t need to set up code & db connections etc… for the test to run and work. They should just be able to run the test. Continue reading →