An Internal Server Error occurred. Please retry your last operation at a later date.

An Internal Server Error occurred – When Changing the Number of Instances Running

Okay, we’ve been using Azure for sometime now and for the majority of time its great. But when it goes wrong it does leave you dangling.

Yesterday, we tried to up the number of instances running on one of our worker roles. All looks like its working until you get :

Internal Server Error

It doesn’t really tell you much apart from an error occurred. Well we know that as the change didn’t happen.

What We Tried

  • Stopping and starting the instance
  • Rebooting the server
  • Reimaging (the first time I’d done that)

… none of these things worked, so we raised a support ticket with Microsoft.

The Solution ( a bit of a fudge)

Microsoft suggested that we redeployed the package onto the instance and then we would be able to increase the number of instances.  The issue is a known issue with Azure and to their credit the solution worked.

I just wish that there was somewhere these fixes / workarounds were published. When its knocking on close to midnight and you’ve tried everything reasonable that you can, it would be nice to search some sort of catalogue  you could search.

Anyhow problem solved, but I now have to redeploy all my packages again in order that I can increase the number instances again. – I’m so pleased that we add our builds into subversion so we can go back and get them!!


One Comment

  1. Thanks, we have the same issue across our environments, our implementation of auto scaling has completely stopped. Hasn’t been a good month for Azure.


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