Role cannot be reached by the host system

Role cannot be reached by the host system

From time to time we see “role cannot be reached by the host system” on some of our worker roles.Our worker role needs to have a semi-fixed ip address as its making calls to an external agency and is ip locked, so we couldn’t just spin up another instance.

What we tried

  • Stop & restarting the instance
  • Rebooted the instance

Our Solution

We just re-imaged the instance and Booom our issue was solved-Until next time.

reboot and reimage



  1. we’re having the same problem here. Our Code hasn’t changed since months, we get this error
    ~ once a week. The funny thing is, that almost everything still works, it’s just not reachable from the outside at all (in our case that means many failed XML requests). You can’t even stop it anymore…


    1. Hi Sebastian – have you tried the reimage approach? It worked for me as a reimage reinstalls the os and the packages again on the instance. It does seem quite a dramatic thing to do but hey – needs must



      1. didn’t know that will work before. I’ve just deployed a new role and deleted the old unresponsive one 😉
        My stuff is hosted in Western Europe under 2008 SP2, i’ll try a different location and 2008R2, maybe that help (one can hope ;))

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