Web API References

Taken from – http://www.tugberkugurlu.com (I’ve copied it here as its a useful resource and one of the times I went there, it wasn’t available)

ASP.NET team shipped the beta version of ASP.NET Web API which has been known as WCF Web API for more than a year. It has seen 6 preview versions and we have now nearly the final bits and pieces. The beta version of the product has been merged with ASP.NET MVC so that we won’t feel ourselves in a fork in the road in order to create REST APIs.

In my opinion, ASP.NET Web API is really exciting because it offers a simple and pluggable way to expose your data to the World. The one of the best parts is that you don’t have to just expose it as XML or JSON. You have the XML and JSON support out of the box but the format of the data is really up to you. Since nearly all of the devices out there today know how to communicate through HTTP, your data has the best possible reach.

One of the other great features of ASP.NET Web API is that everything has been built asynchrony in mind. So, you can scale out very easily. On the other hand, don’t act prejudicial that it is ASP.NET based and cannot run anywhere other than IIS. It has a self hosting capability as well (I honestly don’t know how it works at the background but it looks promising).

It has been not much since the product beta version has shipped but there are pretty good blog posts and articles about ASP.NET Web API out there. Instead of writing one, I would like to point you those resources.

Getting Started


Validation, Data Annotations & Model Binding

Message Handlers, Filters & Formatters


Dependency Injection & Unit Testing

Self Hosting



Also, there are some great videos done by @jongalloway on ASP.NET web site as well as some other videos:

ASP.NET Web API Video Series

ASP.NET Web API Videos of Mine On NedirTv (In Turkish)

Some Other Great Talks, Webcasts and Other Type of Visuals

If you have any other related blog post, tutorial, sample or whatever related to ASP.NET Web API, please comment and I will add them to this list. I will also add new things to this list that I come across. Enjoy:) – Again taken from http://www.tugberkugurlu.com


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