Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Over the past few years I’ve become more disappointed with my industry and this has left me tired wondering what I should do.

I’ve seen good experienced people leave the software industry as they’d fallen out of love with it.


I’ve been on too many projects which have failed for one reason or another but the end outcome is that the customer, the ultimate reason why we’re doing things, wasn’t happy with the end results.

This either meant that that the project was cancelled –  we as the supplier ended up working for free to keep the relationship going, or the customer refused to pay.

Software development is not currently predictable. We can’t accurately estimate the amount of time and effort will take to build a new app or website. We can best guess to give an rough guideline.

But in engineering practices the world has got used to mass production of items when they want them. If we say we’re engineers then we should be able to do this

What is the cause?

Answer – We are – Or Software Development is to be more precise and how we promise

We tell the world that we are engineers and that we know what we’re doing.

Engineer – a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures.

Well that sounds like what I am. – I am an engineer. 

However in all my years of developing I’ve never exactly known what and how I’m going to deliver something right at the start of the project. But its on those concepts that a project normally get signed off.

So the soTMG0QUW3BNlution to this is Agile – We have created a framework that supports the actual way we work and think. Which is fantastic I hear you say, that what we’re supposed to do. Model the system to support how we work.

However the projects I worked on were Agile project – no, honestly they were.

  • Did we not educate the business in what this meant?
  • Did they not hear / understand us?
  • Did they fall back into old habits of not engaging with us

If you think of other similar industries / practices. The products which are delivered have become components, that can slot in place and have been refined, practised and re-engineered.

Take the car industry, it took years to create a mass produced, predictable engineered machine.

Comparing software development to the car industry we’re at the very early stages and we’re yet to see the likes of Toyota and Volkswagen come in and automate, removing waste, improving the process.

Every app I’ve worked has been like working on a Morgan Motor Cars

– Morgan’s hand built British sports cars – a unique blend of charisma, craftsmanship and performance. Hand crafted since 1909

How to Solve it?

  • Education
  • Legislation
  • Success stories
  • Estimation



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