Don’t Devalue The Learning Process

I first heard the phrase “Don’t devalue the learning process” on a podcast of either Hanselminutes, This Developer’s Life or .Net Rocks. The talk revolved around the way, in this industry, when we struggle to resolve issues, we battle through, attempt new things and then when we find the solution go “Oh, it was that. Of course. Right what’s next?” The two feelings don’t balance out each other; the effort we put in to resolving the issue isn’t matched with the equivalent feeling when we find the solution.

Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy

As one of those people who have struggled on occasions, we dismiss the process as our own stupidity, or lack of understanding around the subject matter. The opposite of this emotion is to recognise that it’s a complex situation and that through perseverance and previous experience we’ve actually resolved the issue. We should learn to enjoy the moments.

So Why Do We Struggle?

  • Software development is a fast moving environment
  • Constantly evolving; improvements in techniques and languages
  • More than one way to do things
  • Development is difficult.

After 20 years plus of commercial experience, I’m starting to believe that software development is a Discovery process rather than Engineering practices. Now that’s another blog post entirely, but to give you a teaser it revolves around not fully knowing where we’re going and how we’ll get there.


As I’ve only really worked in the computer industry, I’m not sure if it’s just a peculiar thing of the industry or the people attracted in to it; However we need to appreciate the learning process and not quickly move onto the next area. Success should be celebrated and embraced – success breads confidence which can lead to more success.


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