Should we ever say ‘N0’?

NO we shouldn’t



Ok – but why not?

Our role is to give options – Always give options. As a Team we should be able to say if things are not possible but then immediately follow that statement up with what we can do to help.

As team we may not have all the facts at to hand and know why things must happen. If we can’t help deliver against what is being asked we must come up with options. After all we’re still all one team and we still all want to be successful

Give Options

Always give options and allow others to choose the right path. If they choose the option they then are more likely to support the decision and help to keep things on track. They have buy in to the solution so want it to succeed

Flag up Negative Outcomes

We all want projects to be successful and we all want people to be happy. However, things don’t always work out that way so its our responsibility to highlight what could go wrong; “if we don’t do this… this could happen…. which would mean this…”

Again, we’re allowing people to know the full state of the facts and can help them in their decision.


So, saying No isn’t always a bad thing. We can’t just say No and run as we have to help as we’re all part of the the same team.



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