Agile Showcase Structure

One of the complaints I’ve heard is that Developers cannot present; which for some people is true. Providing a structure to the showcase / review should help present the work in a way that all attendees can follow.


  • Don’t waffle.
  • Don’t get pulled off onto tangents.
  • You may not be demonstrating all the application, so stay within the bounds of the area you’ve worked on.
  • Capture feedback brought in to the meeting
  • Don’t become defensive with the comments made – Any feedback provided should be seen as an opportunity to improve the product and team.

If the work isn’t a completed product (i.e. functionality is missing which will be coming in a later sprint),  provide a road map of showing what has been delivered and what will be coming later. This avoids some of the awkward questions which can derail the presentation…”what about this, why isn’t that here? etc…

  1. Outline what you’re going to talk about.
  2. Show the work.
  3. Recap the work you’ve just shown.
  4. Prompt for further questions from the attendees.

As you do more and more of the showcases you becomes better a presenting – it isn’t easy showing the work you’ve been working on; it becomes almost part of you and no one likes to hear criticism.


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