Azure Media Services


Azure Media Service (AMS) is a product offered by Microsoft on the Azure Platform. Its aim is to facilitate:

  • On Demand Live Streaming
  • Media Platform in the Cloud
  • Extensible multi-tenant media service. (Single instance of a software application serves multiple customers.)
  • A simple rest API (Application Program Interface) for Developers to code against.
  • A secure storage for media content which is encrypted when you up load content to the server.
  • Encoding and packaging of media in multiple formats
  • Media can be delivered to any device. Microsoft have highlighted Windows 8, iOS, Xbox, HTML5, Windows Phone, Silverlight and Flash.

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Problem Steps Recorder

I can’t believe that this is the first time I’ve heard about this!! – Help Your Users Record And Report Bugs With The Problem Steps Recorder

This is a fantastic tool but how come its not more widely known about.

I can think of many occasions when this would be so useful. Please pass this out to everyone you know.  Half of the issues support people have is trying to replicate exactly what the users have done Рthis tool sorts this out!!

Thanks you Scott Hanselman for publishing